Our Strategy

Four Mile Capital's Investment Criteria

Target Deal Size
Targeted Annual Cash Yield
Targeted Net IRR to Investors
4-7 years
Average Hold Time

FMC’s investment strategy hinges on the identification of underperforming real estate assets in middle markets that we believe possess the 'perfect storm’ of strong job growth, positive in-migration, and a diversity of industry/economic drivers.

Within the local submarket, the asset must be located near large employment and retail centers, primary thoroughfares, public transportation access points, and school systems. These factors, along with our detailed underwriting process, helps us manage downside risk by preserving cash flow while simultaneously managing to our long-term capital appreciation strategy.

Through our national network of owners, brokers, managers, and lenders, FMC focuses on opportunities where there is some level of fiscal or physical disconnect between the owner, management and/or the asset. We specialize in identifying that disconnect and developing an appropriate repositioning strategy, which typically involves capital upgrades and inserting more sophisticated property management.

“There is no singular recipe for execution; we leverage our deep equity, debt, legal and risk-management relationships to create the optimal investment structure suitable for each asset.”
Identify off-market and underperforming real estate assets in irreplaceable locations and begin multi-phase evaluation of local market data, including crime, job/wage growth, cost of living indexes, as well as third-party consultant lease audits, insurance review, and property tax modeling.
Actively reposition the asset, enhance management, and increase NOI to create value for our capital partners and balance our dual goals of short-term income and long-term asset appreciation.
Execute our property-specific business plan from acquisition through the stabilization, recapitalization, and disposition of each asset, capturing superior returns in a competitive investment landscape.

Target Markets

Below are FMC's current target markets, but we are always reviewing regional economic and real estate trends and update our markets accordingly.

Four Mile Capital Target Markets